Friday, August 20, 2010


In a bizarre turn of events, I actually got myself up and looking fairly presentable and to my office by 8 AM this morning. Although I would like to think that I was just trying to get started on my hefty client to-do list, this is not the case. I arrived early for two reasons: because I'd like to leave early and head up to Aptos with the fam before traffic and more importantly, because I wanted to get first dibs on all of the Target collaborations that were going live on Gilt Groupe this morning. I even wore my Tucker blouse in honor of the event.

I was stalking the site like a hungry tiger, but sales didn't go live until 9AM- and wouldn't ya know it- who get's a phone call at 8:57? Yes, you are correct. It was me. Ten minutes after Nine and it is GONE. All GONE. So now, I will have to wait for Sept 20th and battle it out with the rest for the world for the likes of this:

Tucker for Target Printed Tie neck Blouse, $24.99

And this:

Tucker for Target Signature Tie Waist Dress, $39.99


Tucker for target Printed Crepe Signature Blouse, $29.99

And all of my affordable John Derian tableware. So, anyways,  I'm a little bummed.

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