Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Potty Time.

Though we have not quite mastered poop yet, as evidenced by the large pile of it that I cleaned up from the back porch yesterday, my littlest man has essentially potty-trained himself and I'm feeling extra-proud of him. I initially resisted starting with him, despite a very obvious interest on his part, because we had some trips planned and it didn't seem like an ideal time, but there really never is an ideal time for spending 70% of one's day next to the toilet. When it came down to it though, all it took was a few marshmallows and this guy was on the program. Max, however, was a more difficult nut to crack when it came to making the switch, so we employed all of the go-to gimmicks- character undies, sticker charts, potty in front of the TV (ok- maybe this isn't a go-to, but we were desperate to get him to spend some time on it)- you get the picture.

So, in honor of all those kiddos who think toilets are lame, I'm posting a few potty training essentials and maybe, not-so-essentials, like these ridiculously cute hand-stitched undies by Etsy seller Small Threads Daily:

Fancy Pants Cake Undies, $14

You can also check out Small Threads Daily blog for more adorable hand-crafted kid goodies and places to buy. Turns out I blogged about Small Threads here as well!

And, sure, a plastic bag will suffice, but won't you feel so much more "together" if you whip out this little printed "Wet Bag" for dirty undies from Etsy seller Snuggybaby

You could also splurge on one of these cute potty "incentive" sticker charts ( I got artsy and drew a giant toilet for Max- he was into it) by Etsy seller SweetGumPaper Studio

Or you could chose from free downloads, like this Dora printable chart here.
Here's to bladder control. Happy Wednesday.

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