Monday, September 6, 2010

Run for My Life.

 I don't know when exactly my diet and exercise regimen took a turn for the worse, but it definitely happened.  After a depressing, but enlightening dressing room experience involving jeggings this afternoon, it has come to my attention that my butt is on the verge of Kardashian proportions. As such, I have vowed to make more time for exercise again and plan to be, quite literally, running my ass off in the next couple of months.

I've decided a new pair of go-fasters are in order, and I know that after trying on fifty pairs I will inevitably end-up with some boring, tried-and-true New Balance sneaks in extra-wide. Were I not cursed with gigantic man-feet, however, I would most certainly be kicking up dust in these bad boys instead:

Leopard running shoes? It sounds so wrong, but it looks so right. Nice work, Stella.

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