Monday, September 20, 2010

SUPER cute.

In an attempt to counteract the effects of Max's repeated exposure and resulting affinity for jewelry, women's shoes and the Tinkerbell movies and further catalyzed by recent reports that he plays kitchen with the girls upon pick-up from preschool every day so far this year, the hubs has launched a campaign to toughen up my adorable little man. Since initiation of this operation I have entered the kitchen after breakfast twice consecutively only to find that our typical morning programming involving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and other televised vehicles of education and good manners, have been replaced with the likes of Transformers (the Megan Fox version) and Batman (the George Clooney version- I  totally forgot this version existed).

Anyways, Max being the sucker- I mean- innocent little guy that he is, totally took the bait and has made up his mind that he wants to be Batman for Halloween (I guess you win hubs, he's going to wear a leotard with built-in muscles for Halloween- totally hetero). Max still takes after his mom though in many respects, particularly in the sense that he is particularly particular about what he wears. I have a feeling the superstore unitard is going to totally weird him out.

If I were anything like my mom was circa 1984, I would just whip him up something myself, but since I find threading a sewing machine to be slightly akin to neuro-science, I'll probably just buy him something over-priced on Etsy and pass it off as my own creation (though revealing this here may not a wise strategy for accomplishing this).

So, with the ambition of staying ahead of the game this year, I started my Etsy search today. Not a whole lot to choose from in the Batman department, though I did find some cute superhero duds, like these customizable capes by Capes for a Cure (which donates proceeds to the Children's Tumor Foundation):

And these awesome lace-on shoe wings and thunderbolts by Small Fly: 

And these cool little customized superhero masks by BabyPop:  

Of course, after I had exhausted the superhero selection, I did manage to find a few ridonculously cute costumes for imaginary baby daughter, like this genius Nigiri Tuna onesie costume complete with wasabi/ginger/faux grass headband by Not the Kitchen Sink:

I mean, don't you just want to dip her in low-sodium soy sauce and eat her right up?

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