Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HMOM- Lindsay Brier of Anyon Design

The Gorgeous Brier Family

Once again, my Haute Mama of the Month is long overdue, but I assure you ladies, this one was worth the wait. I have had the pleasure of knowing this month's HMOM since I was 15, and even back then she was much cooler than me. Despite being infamous in her high school years for an impeccable Axl Rose impersonation, the lovely Lindsay Brier is, and always has been, the epitome of classic style and grace. These days, she's channeling that style into her successful business as owner of Anyon Interior Design.

When the Brier's welcomed the handsome little Hawken into their lives this past spring, I knew I would be in for a real treat when the nursery was unveiled- and I was not disappointed. The room exemplifies Lindsey's knack for clean, elegant interiors into which she often incorporates a healthy dose of ecclectic flea market treasures, while simultaneously managing to make Hudson's nursery here at casa haute mama look like the tacky monster came and blasted it with a rainbow spraygun (ok- so I have a little bit of design envy- I'm dealing with it).

Anyways- check it out:

 Lindsey's "first born", Cashew, breaking in the space.

Hallway with contrasting stripes. Genius.

Photos taken from their honeymoon in South Africa. Yeah, I know, I told you she's cool.

HMD asked Mrs Brier some questions.

HMD: What was your inspiration for the room?
AD:  I had it in my mind the I wanted the nursery to have an aqua blue and raspberry color palette which I remember telling you about ages ago. When we found out we were expecting a boy i tweaked the raspberry  to more of a deep orange (my husband's favorite color) then I added in some gray, honey khaki and white which are found throughout our home. 
I wanted it to be fresh but also a calming space. I tried to achieve this by having some modern pieces but warming it up with some vintage finds. I also wanted it to be fun but not overly "babyish". Actually none of the furnishings in the room besides the crib are from children or baby furniture collections. I think rooms should be able to easily grow with children.
HMD: Your favorite aspect of the room (if you have one), the one thing that turned out the best?
AD: I love the striped walls, they are super fun without being overbearing and they guide your eye around the room. Also love the roman shades, the small graphic color print compliments the larger scale of the more neutral striped walls.
HMD: What design trends did you incorporate into the room?
AD: I always mix things up - just like getting dressed, if you have one nice piece you can pair it with some less expensive items and it elevates the whole room. I also always have something old in a room, it gives a space soul.  You and I are big fans of flea markets. It's in my blood, my mother had an antique store when I was born and is still passionate about collecting.  The things you dig up at a market are usually both old and relatively inexpensive so they do double duty. The items that catch your eye at a cluttered market become character pieces in a room. For Hawken's room I found a circa 1950 tin wastebasket decorated in collegiate pennants  and orange vintage toys that were perfect accessories for the room. 
Also for my clients with kids, I am a huge fan of using washable outdoor fabrics. The glider in Hawken's room is upholstered in a Perennials outdoor fabric. You'd never know it, it's soft and looks like a velvet mohair!
HMD:  It's not just your rooms that are looking good- you're always looking pretty hot yourself- what is one of your personal style must-haves:
AD: Shirt Dresses 
My work style varies greatly day by day. Some days I am working from home, other days I am shopping at the San Francisco Design Center and the next meeting at a dirty construction site. For this reason I love the versitiality of shirt dresses, I have several by Diane Von Furstenburg. I don't have the right curves for her wrap dresses and I feel more tailored in these.  They can be dressed up or down, require minimal thought in the morning, are fun to accessorize and even work for breastfeeding.

HMD: And for your little man- what couldn't you have lived without? 
Ninna Nanna Bassinet
I splurged on the Ninna Nanna Bassinet and am so happy I did. It's clean and modern and easy to move. It looks great in any room of the house when Hawken is napping. I can see filling it with toys when he is too big for it and hopefully we'll use it again someday for baby #2:)
Our HM mutual friend Sara got one and I had to follow suit. It's super streamlined which is perfect for the city and the car. My husband laughed at me at the baby store trying to breakdown some of the other larger, more expensive strollers. the City Mini folds down with the pull of one strap and invariably I have something else in the other hand..usually baby, coffee, and iphone. 
HMD: Looking for some inspiration? Check out more of Lindsay's impeccable handiwork here.


  1. Linds - you are such a haute mama! The nursery looks amazing and I cannot wait to meet the adorable Hawken. Keep up the good work. Also, loving the shirt dresses xoxo

  2. I love the gray stripes and pretty much everything else about this nursery! Beautiful work!

  3. found your blog via full house. Love your nursery. new follower.:) fun2bkids.blogspot.com

  4. What an amazing nursery. The contrasting stripes? Sheer brilliance. Got here through Full House and I think I'll stay. Got a guest room? ;)

  5. Did you have the roman shades made? Where's the fabric from? I love them!

  6. Ok, that nursery is gorgeous! Saving pictures for inspiration for my next baby! Love your blog, just found it! I'm your newest follower;)


  7. please let me know where you got that rug! been looking for something very similar. great room!

  8. I was so excited when I saw this interview - so happy I found you!! I did a post on Lindsay's nursery a while back: http://greenstreetblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/lindsay-anyon-brier.html

    I simply ADORE it!! I would love to know the fabric she used for the roman shades and where she got her glider! Love, love, love this nursery!

  9. I love this nursery! Your blog is great too.


  10. I love all you did - the nursery is gorgeous!
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