Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shoe Monster

This Sunday, Grandma Cath was feeling  generous, so we lugged the boys around the mall on the hunt for some new Fall duds. New tennies were on the list, and being the focused shopper that I am, I headed straight to the Chuck Taylors with velcro, because that's typically how we roll. Max, however, had other ideas. He found this pair of Pumas in black-on-black:

I had to admit they were pretty cool and we were actually looking for black shoes since he already had a pair of  blue sneakers. When we discovered that the little green puma lights up to reveal a neon green puma skeleton, we were SOLD. Sadly, they were out of the black in his size, so Grandma Cath, with good intentions, says to the sales lady:

"He really likes the light-ups- why don't you show us some other styles that light up?"

Cut to me, with panic in my eyes, doing a slow-mo head shake while mouthing an exagerrated "Nnnnooooooo." I may have had my eyes on the prize with the Converse, but I did do a thorough enough scan of the boys' shoe tables to know that nothing good would come of us seeing any additional light-up styles, and once Max laid his eyes on these hideous beauties and their cascading blue lights, I would be sorely defeated:

Yep, these are in our closet now just waiting to make their debut at Noah's Ark preschool, along with Max's new "skinny" jeans, which should accentuate their giantness nicely. I tried putting my foot down, but Grandma, and her almighty Nordstrom's card won this battle. I did however, manage to talk Max off this ledge, but it was a close one. 

Anyways, I bought the Converse, which are like chopped liver compared to the Sketchers Super Z Hot Lights and Huddy, my little clothes horse, snagged the black Pumas. Now all we've got on the list in terms of Fall footwear would be some cozy new boots and lordy-B, it doesn't get any cuter than these:

And check out what they've got for little ladies: 

A little pricey, but honestly, have you ever seen anything cuter? Plus 15% off and free shipping at Shoes.com isn't too shabby. Someone's getting a visit from the shoe monster...

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