Monday, October 11, 2010

Folk Industry

I've mentioned on several occasions that I am surrounded by some majorly talented ladies. Among them is one of my old roommates from college, Sharon, who, along with being published for her sustainable product designs, speaking several languages, contracting as a freakin' Disney Imagineer, and just being all-around cool and stunning, also happens to whip up gorgeous handmade pieces of jewelry in her spare time. You may be asking yourself right now, "Hmmm, I wonder what Jesse was doing while all these creative geniuses surrounding her were sharpening their skill sets and mastering their crafts?" Excellent question.

So, anyways, I've been on this girl's case to set up shop for some time and the day has finally come! Sharon announced the opening of her Etsy shop "Folk Industry" today and her pieces are incredible!

I'm kind of having a heart attack over this bronze, silver and silk corded bracelet:

And, there's a good chance I might die if I don't have these gold hoop earrings:

I would wear both of these pieces with this  supes fun military jacket and this absolutely perfect dress from Queen's Wardrobe and pretty much everything else in my imaginary fall wardrobe. Check out the rest of Sharon's genius Folk Industry collection here, let me know which piece is your fave and share the love!

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