Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

Just in case you were curious as to where my ingenious brain recharges every night-  feast your eyes:

This is the master bed here at Casa Haute Mama. Nothing particularly special or glamorous, but it looks cozy, calming and relatively put-together.  Right?

Well, let's have a closer look, shall we?

Yeah. Not so much. 

In case you were wondering, I do not have moths, but I do have a husband who thinks he's nine months pregnant and feels the need to use only the pillows with decorative shams between his legs while he sleeps furiously and apparently simulates some sort of cricket mating call every night because his flippin' knees have done a real number on my linens.

So, long story short, I think Mr. HMD owes me some new bedding in the near future, and he better believe it's going to be total chick bedding. It was to my fortuitous surprise that I happened upon the news that Kate Spade will be launching their new line of linens and other home wares this Spring. Bingo! Let's have a peek: 

 cute, but not for me. 


I mean- right?

In other bedding news, I caught a glimpse of the latest Dwell Studio crib bedding collections by way of Oh Happy Day! and contemplated wrecklessly seducing hubs in foolish attempt to produce unlikely daughter that will sleep in both this ridiculously expense but perfect crib and gorgeous zinnia bedding:

maybe one day. Dana?

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  1. OK haute mama i have been waiting anxiously for some posts about ideas for the new nursery- do i wall paper ceiling, paint, furniture, bedding, decorations, everything!? This is so cute but WAY out of the price range. I need the budget version please. But i will need to look into that butterfly deer picture as chris might really be on board with anything I want if I make sure to include that:)