Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sorry for the absence, but this week, unlike the oreo-filled chocolate chip cookies, was yucky.  In fact, if this week were cookies, it would probably be these.

The only good that came out of this week, in fact, was the launch of the AMAZING new e-zine, High Gloss- the brainchild of some very talented and stylish bloggers.

It's really good. Ruully good. So good, in fact, that I've been sitting here staring at it for over an hour now, absorbing the glamourous goodness and trying to come up with a way to make one zillion dollars so I can own everything in it. Yep, everything.  For instance:

 It led me to the discovery of Irene Neuwirth jewelry.Which makes me want to cry a little bit.

And also these Norma Kamali cat eyes

I've decided, if I were to own them, I'd walk around all day wearing lipstick while whistling and blowing kisses, so I look like this. With a little bit of a double chin though. 

If I had the greenbacks, this chandy by Shine would be up in the dining room (along with lots of other expensive stuff)- whether hubster liked it or not.  

And the interiors. They were good. This zebra-wallpapered bar in the home of one of my favorite bloggers, Jamie Meares of I Suwanee, makes me feel insufficient- everyone should mix cocktails by the light of a perfect pair of pagoda lamps. Right?

And I am now officially on a mission to find the perfect cane chairs, thanks to this image: 

So, what are you waiting for? Go, and see for yourself. I'm all grabby handed and I have to go to bed now. 
Happy Friday!

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  1. well written ! And thanks I need to check this thing out too!