Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creature Comforts

 Ever since Max locked googley eyes at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with who we now affectionately refer to as "Ray Ray" (seen above in Max-requested glamour shots with "Baby Ray" in pouch, because clearly Ray Ray is a very special marsupial-stingray hybrid)- he was hooked. It was stingrays ALL the way.  Snakes are a thing of the past, and I do say I prefer this obsession, as there are very limited chances that a real stingray will ever be coming home with us, and then getting lost and ending up in my toilet bowl waiting to bite my butt when I get up to go to the bathroom. Or hiding under my house and growing to be, like, 30 feet, or something disgusting like that. You get the picture.

So, guess who is getting MOM of the YEAR award when she unveils this magnificent piece of apparel on Valentine's Day?
Lands' End boys Manta Ray graphic shirt, $16.50
There will be instant and repeated wear, gauranteed. Despite my re-evaluation of their semi-recently launched Canvas line, I hadn't scoped out any of their sites in some time, but always find myself thinking that their boys' stuff is kinda cute as I briskly walk through that department of JCPenny, only because it has the emptiest lot in the mall to park in. So, in a desperate attempt to replace the four raggedy t-shirts Max wears constantly, I gave it a try- and was definitely not disappointed by some of the selection of kids' stuff. I think I'll be swooping up a few more of their tees for the boys, like maybe this cool Octopus one:

Lands' End boys Octopus Graphic T-shirt, $16.50
and this cute little nautical number: 

Lands' End boys Shipyard Graphic tee, $16.50
And, lest we forget:  imaginary daughter. She would definitely be wearing this:

Lands' End girls long sleeve striped sailor dress


  1. Remember you almost have a niece now, so you can spoil rotten and buy for whenever you want:) She can be your test daughter for all your girl fashion finds.... Auntie jesse!