Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something New. Part 1

So, as you might remember, my super cute sister-in-law, Molly, got engaged over the holidays and she's asked me to put some of my internet-ing skills to work and find some fun wedding goodies to share with her (and, of course, all of you). I have to admit, I had been slacking on my duties, but my attendance at the lavish winter wedding of a friend this past weekend, and the super exciting launch of the folks over at Anthropolgie's new bridal site, BHLDN, have motivated me to get started!

For those of you jaded old married broads about to stop reading- sit tight because BHLDN has a little something for everyone. In true Anthropologie fashion, it has an eclectic and gorgeous collection of accessories, lingerie and party dresses for the bridesmaid who truly can "wear it again, " like this sweet little bue chiffon number (also available in pink):

Savoy Dress
or this ethereal maxi-dress: 

Sandspun Maxi Dress
The selection of wedding dresses range from retro to modern and are really pretty reasonably priced. Because I still totally dig my husbie after 15 years of being all up in each other's business, we've always talked about renewing our vows, and hope to be able to do it one day when we've got some extra cash laying around that can be spent on totally unnecessary ceremonies that may or may not take place in Las Vegas. So, naturally, I've had an image of exactly the kind of dress I would wear for some time now, and it pretty much looks exactly like this:

Fondant Tea Dress

As for the gowns, I have to admit, I don't think I saw any dresses here that scream "Molly," but this tiered sequined number is worth looking at anyways, because it's awesome:

Burnished Organza Gown
And did I mention there are shoes? Totally Amazing Shoes? Well, there are: 

Shoes are good.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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