Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lindsey Stafford is a miracle worker. When she asked me if the boys would participate in a studio shoot she was organizing with a group of kids, I responded with a mix of elation and hesitation. Smiling per request and cooperating are not among the boys' current arsenal of skills, but with some heavy bribery and the promise of a new Captain Hook costume and a stuffed squid, I was feeling confident that my men would perform come game time. I can't say the boys were completely uncooperative, but there was a lot of Max's signature platypus noise going on (he told me recently that he makes this noise to "scare away his enemies")  and definitely more tongues than teeth were bared. Linds, however, still managed to capture some serious magic. Behold:
These weren't exactly the smiles we practiced, but it's hilarious.
I love these little monsters. Check in with Lindsey's blog this week to see more fun pics of this adorable session.

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  1. They are so cute! You never ever see really styled 'boy' photo shoots.