Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snake Charmers

Max, my four year old, has developed an interest in snakes that is bordering on OCD. He has this snake book- not a beginner's, illustrated, snakes-are-our-friends book, but a legit, hundred-plus page, snakes-with-small-mammals-hanging-out-of-their-mouths kind of book, and my little genius can name literally every single one of them (calabar ground boa, reticulated python, monocled cobra- you get the picture). Initially, I was concerned that he was turning into that creepy reptile kid (you know the one), but, being the supportive mom that I am, I've decided to embrace & encourage his passion and what better way to do so than to show a little love for the limbless ones myself with a few snake-inspired additions to my wardrobe??

I had this hideous sheer snakeprint top in college that saw more than a few bathroom floors, I'm sure, so I was hoping to find some items that said "snake" in a slightly less obvious way and I think some of these goodies really hit the mark! There are definitely some "lusts" in here- but I made sure to include a few "musts" as well! enjoy...

Asos Snake effect pocket dress $17 (?!!)
Torn Jersey "Ari embellished snake tank $73
Alexander Wang ivory embossed silk button front top $270
Arden B Snake Chain knot belt $20
Akira Chicago Snake Print Mini Skirt$29
TopShop Hope elastic snake sandals $40
Loeffler Randall Belinda Pump $475 (In the words of Rachel Zoe...I die.)
Marc B Silver Rope Handle bag $34 (Major Steal.)
Zara Terez Manta Rey Leather Nolita clutch $145
Kara Ross Snake Knot Ring $115 ( May need to own this.)
Kara Ross Woven Snake bracelet $210
Rachel Leigh Cleo Snake Bracelet $66
Asos Multi-colored Rhinestone Snake ring $13

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