Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haute Daddy

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my dad's death. I hesitated mentioning this in the blog, because nobody wants to pop-in for a daily dose of materialism and sarcasm only to find themselves roped in to someone's sad story, because trust me, I know we've all got our crosses to bear. However, after further consideration, I knew that I couldn't let him go unmentioned.

In fact, I'm realizing now that I failed to mention him, in addition to my awesome mom, as an inspiration for this blog. My dad was a pretty stylin' guy back in the day. In his later years he was infamous for his perfectly coifed pompadore and a meticulously ironed shirt (usually of the Tommy Bahama variety- he was all about leisure) that was double-tucked in both pants and underpants for an extra-secure tuck.

He was a bigger risk-taker in his youth. The pompadore was preceeded by an even more infamous whifro that he brazenly accompanied with platforms, checkered bell-bottoms and the occasional overall. I'm sure he looked pretty slick when he was bumpin' the Doobie Brothers from his '69 Stingray. No wonder CB couldn't resist.

My parents had a really happy marriage. I know there were several factors that went into that and this may sound insignificant, but one of them just may have been the fact that my dad loved to shop, or should I say, watching my mom, my sister and I shop (often). We'd get to the mall and he would head to his leisure wear department to do some heavy browsing and light purchasing (he always found something), then he'd pick up a caramel macchiato and park himself outside the ladies dressing room as we putzed around for what was often a very extended amount of time, intermittently popping out to get the male perspective.

His insights were not always off-the-mark. I had this one pair of mules, circa 2000, with a funky heel and a rounded toe that I wore to their death and my dad never did like them. "Daisy Duck Shoes" was the term he used. I stumbled upon a photo of myself in them the other day, and maybe it's all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I've been subjected to lately, but I finally realized, he had nailed it. They looked exactly like daisy duck's shoes.

So, here's a belated shot out to my incredible dad. He was, according to just about everyone he knew, the coolest.

Can you believe the shoes???

Had to post this pic of CB lookin' extra foxy.

...Pompadore- the early years. One haute couple.

We miss you dad. xoxoxo


  1. Paul Brent was truly an amazing dad and husband in every way! Love and Miss you.

  2. GREAT tribute to PB. He was fantastic - there was nothing better than leaving a store full of items he approved of by saying 'looks great toots' and digging in his bag for remaining bites of a wetzel pretzel or a big sip off of his iced lemonade or starbucks latte. The man knew how to do it......andi wore my hair curly with pride this weekend ;)

  3. So cute and so true! Paul B. was the best. I'm going to consume some Blast O' Butter in his honor.

  4. What a great sentiment to your dad.... I especially got a nice little giggle imagining your dad tucking in his pants to his undies :)

  5. Thinking about you guys today. I am glad you posted this. He wore those pink plaid pants at my mom's wedding. Kelly you look like your mom in her foxy photo.

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