Wednesday, November 23, 2011


In an attempt to keep my in-utero friend from making any pre-Thanksgiving appearances (we're looking forward to the hub's holiday pay), I am being as sedentary as humanly possible, and it seems to be contagious:

yep- mama got an iphone.

Scooter's adoption of the seemingly purposeless infant seat in the front hallway made me realize he was long-overdue for a dog bed. Grandma took him to Petco to choose his own and, of course, he picked the most expensive one (a wiener after my own heart). Considering he's never had a dog bed (other than our bed) in eight years, I suppose he deserves it:

Money well-spent.
While the boys have other plans for me, I try to spend as much time lounging in bed as possible. 

If you're wondering if we take all photos on the same day around here or if Hud really wears an astronaut costume everyday, the latter would be correct.
And finally, I thought I would leave you with a glimpse of the nursery. I thought we would be all kinds of busy putting on the final touches during my two weeks at home, but I've just completely run out of steam. So, without further a-do, here's another little peek to wet your appetite:

(Yes-that's my DIY rug and the navy wall made the cut!)


  1. colorful dog beds serve not only as decorative elements but also as important accessories to any dog bed you have in mind. This relationship works in the same fashion as coffee and creamer or bread and butter.

  2. Did you decide on a name yet?! I haven't, that's for sure. Buuuuttttt I came upon a baby names site,, and just picked up about dozen more names to add to my list. Anyway, just wanted to share that for any fellow expecting moms out there :)