Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sorry for taking such an extended hiatus- it's just that I've been busy birthing and feeding and cleaning poop and am apparently not as capable of a multi-tasker as I had hoped I would be.

So, without further a-do, meet Francis Ryan Madigan. He's pretty incredible:

He was born at 6:55 AM on Friday, November 25th after literally 2 days of "early" labor and 5 hours of totally insane, mind-blowingly painful, real labor. He claimed the title of my chubbiest baby at a whopping 8 lbs, 11 oz and 22 and 1/4 inches long, and he's been working hard to maintain that status ever since. My little eating machine goes by the aliases of Frank, Frankie, Francisco, and my favorite of late, Mr. F.R. Grumpn'Dumps.

His big brothers think he is pretty great and have already asked for a little sister in their stocking. I told them that Santa knows better than to cross me like that. Here they are at their first official meeting:

Hud, while currently obsessed with his little brother and constantly attempting to kiss him on the lips with his booger-y face, was much more intrigued during the hospital visit with my unsightly catheter bag. I guess I should have considered not telling him it was a "bag of pee", which he promptly reported to everyone he saw upon leaving the hospital. Max, despite looking undecided in this photo, has been an amazing big brother thus far- at least to one of his little brothers.

I'll leave you with a few more pics of my little angel, and I suggest you get used to it :) Enjoy.

                                                                 Can you stand it?


  1. He is amazing--and I love his name! Happy Holidays to your family!

  2. What a wonderful reason to be on hiatus :) Enjoy the holidays with your newest addition!