Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy Bees

Having had my first two sons in the middle of summer, I've come to the conclusion that winter babies are a bit more challenging. I know most people around the country scoff at the idea of California winters, but still, nobody wants a 50 degree wind blowing on their boobs when they whip 'em out at the park for a feed.

With school out for the past few weeks, I've been doing my best to prevent cabin fever by getting the boys out of the house every day and have been racking my brains for creative indoor spots to take them, where I can nurse in comfort. One of the only options around besides that seth pool Chuckie Cheese, is Super Franks, which is a step up from the Rat  themed pizza, but is basically still the equivalent of dipping your children in a vat of assorted mucus-y germs while you scarf down a basket of soon-to-be-regretted curly fries.

 What we need around here is something like Bumble Cafe in Los Altos. I've been contemplating the 35 minute drive since I happened upon this awesome spot:

Cute, right? Let's look inside..

Kitchen of my dreams!

Playroom of my dreams!
"Kids, go play in the sand box while mommy guzzles this glass of sauvignon blanc."
 The menu is full of all sorts of healthy, delicious grown-up food, like the salmon nicoise salad and a prosciutto, fig and goat cheese flat bread, along with a cool, customizable kids' bento box with offerings like ants on a log and pretzel crusted chicken.

I think a visit is definitely in our future and I'm not sure if Bumble will look as pretty as it does in these pictures after my boys get through with it- but I think it's time we put it to the test.

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