Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Haute Links - First Edition

In the past eight weeks, I've come to the sobering realization that I am not the adrenaline-charged, vacuuming, baby soothing,  28-year-old mom that I was when I had Max. Five and-a-half years and two kids later, I am feeling a bit wiser, but disproportionately older. And so, I've decided to let some of my blogging icons do a bit of the heavy lifting for me from now on in the form of a weekly installment I'll be calling "Haute Links" that will highlight some of my favorite blog topics from weeks prior.

And I'm sorry if my puns are starting to annoy you.

So, here goes:

Land O Lakes never sounded so good- awesome A Capella from I Suwannee

Commemorative Corks from Mint Love Social Club

Elise Allen paintings at Amber Interiors
Monogram Must-have from Home-Rec.
 Happy Tuesday.

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