Friday, September 23, 2011

On a Sunday Crafternoon

We've got big plans for this weekend- if all goes as scheduled, closets will be migrated, old baby clothes will be sorted, and a bunkbed will be acquired, built, and if the hubster truly loves me, painted. While we are at Ikea acquiring said bunkbed, I plan on snagging up one of these white flat woven rugs and getting my DIY on with some painters tape and some fabric paint- in the hopes of replicating this rug featured in my nursery idea board:

I've come across a whole slew of ikea rug hacks on the interwebs lately that have me believing I can totally handle this. See for yourselves:

From here. A little more impressive than the stripes- but I know my limits.   
And more impressive still. From here.
Totally doable. From here.
here's to a productive weekend!

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