Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nesting....sort of.

I'm a few weeks into my third trimester, and the closest thing to nesting that I've done was vaccum up some dead flies from the windowsill in Hudson's room, which will eventually be the nursery. So, I've decided that, rather than wait for some instincts that may never kick-in because it's the third time around and my body is still wondering what I was thinking, I'll just have to force myself to get started with some preparations for my little man, one daunting organizational project at a time.

First up, the nursery. We are on a major budget here, so my dreams of whale wallpaper have been kind of dashed, since apparently you need to be Midas or Olivia Palermo or something to buy wallpaper these days. This means, I'm making the best of what we currently have going. We gave away our last crib, so we'll invest in something simple and white (not the midcentury beauty I have pictured below, but it just made it look so much prettier), and I'm hoping to sell our current nursery bedding and rug and buy something relatively affordable with my earnings. We have a really nice slip-covered rocker, but it's red, and I'd like to make the switch to navy- so if anyone has any tips on dying from one bold color to another- please, please, send my way. Anyways, rather than bore you, here's a sneak peek of what I have in mind:baby f

You like?
For those of you looking for more nursery inspiration, hop on over to Lay Baby Lay, where delightful nurseries are being dreamed up daily by this very talented blogger. Today's nursery has a nautical theme, which, as you may remember, was my initial plan, so I find looking at it to be both extremely pleasing and painful at the same time: 

And don't even get me started on her girly nurseries. Just go see for yourself!

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