Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do it up!

I'm currently tolerating a very transitional and super-boring hair-do, or lack there-of. I typically like to keep my  hair on the shorter side because it forces me to blow-dry my ridiculously coarse horse's mane into something more presentable, but also probably just because I'm old now, and old people have short hair.

I do, however, allow myself a little leeway in the hair department when I'm dealing with infants because pony-tails are a new mother's best friends. However,my recent discovery of the blog Keiko Lynn has me realizing that my up-do's won't necessarily have to be of the I'm-just-getting-it-out-of-my-face-because-it-has-spit-up-in-it variety:

Check out Keiko's fun and seemingly easy hair and make-up tutorials here!

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