Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Shop of Horrors

 If, like me, you're raising an inquisitive and lovable little nerd, or just happen to be a lovable, inquisitive nerd yourself- then this post is for you. As I've mentioned in the past, Mr. Max's interests tend to gravitate towards the unusual and scientific, and lately he's been all about carnivorous plants. So, when he spotted an article in Martha about a nursery called California Carnivores in Sebastapol, the promise of a trip across the bay to survey the selection of Venus Fly traps and Bladder Worts had him almost as excited as if it were Disneyland.

The drive out to Marin County was scenic, and when we arrived at the nursery itself, my little man was in heaven perusing the goods. In addition to the surprisingly beautiful plants, there were some kitschy props that added to the silly, albeit slightly run-down, charm of the nursery. So, if you're looking for a nerd outing in the bay- this is a quick and easy spot. Unfortunately, I would have loved to enjoy all that the surrounding areas have to offer (including a trip to the nearby Petaluma outlets), but we started to notice (which you may spot in the pics as well) that our little Huddy had some strange swelling in his usually skinny little neck and chin. After a call to the advice nurse, we headed straight for the nearby San Rafael Kaiser. Turns out it was likely just a strange reaction to a bug bite (not a developing goiter, or a rogue case of the mumps as I was fearing) but it has me feeling particularly grateful that my little lovebugs, whether they be nerdy or spastic, are in good health.

p.s.- if you want to introduce your little peoples into the world of carnivorous plants, our beloved , now ex :( , nanny snagged them this great books at the Library from the "Early Birds Nature Books" collection. Happy Reading!

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  1. I swear Max and Nate are soul mates...can he borrow the angler shirt T? Love you!