Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fringe Benefits

I have to admit, I've never given much thought to tassels in the past. If you'd asked me what I associated tassels with two years ago- I probably would have said "strippers" and then moved on with my tassel-less life. Lately, however, I've been encountering tassels on just about everything, and I'm quickly learning, they're not just for pasties anymore. In fact, I've come to the enlightened conclusion that I love tassels. Here are some of my favorite tassel-adorned goodies:

Proud Mary Cirque Pillow, $125

Far Fetch Tassel Earrings, $31via MFAMB

Multi-tassel bracelets from A Little Hamster, $41.77 via Creature Comforts

Confetti System  12 ft Tassel Garlands, $130

B-Low the Belt Skinny Tassel Belt, $73.50

DIY Tassel-Trimmed Curtains via LoveMaegen
Lots of tassel-ey shoes, Top/Bottom
Fun, ethnic bags- Wayuu Taya Handmade bags, $130 each

And I could go on. As you can see, this is becoming a little bit of an issue for me. Happy Hump Day!                       

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