Monday, August 8, 2011

Back with a case of the Grabbies.

I'm back from a very last-minute, week long get-away with my boys to Twain Harte. I stepped on a scorpion (whom the boys insisted we keep for the week and name Steve) and woke up mid-week with a muscle spasm in my neck that's still lingering.Regardless, I somehow managed to have a pretty relaxing time. We were out in the boonies, so I was totally disconnected from my internets, but we had a  long and joyful reunion today, during which, I came across the following grabby-hand causers:

Noble House Designs via I Suwannee

 This may be TMI, but I pooped my pants a little bit when I saw this necklace. So, get out your Depends and check out the rest of the goodies over at Noble House Designs.  MUST HAVE THIS NECKLACE. I'm not even kidding about it. Moving on....

J.Crew Kelcey Calf hair ballet flates
 I think it's probably fairly obvious by now that I have a little bit of a leopard "thing". These are on sale for a slightly less outrageous price and considering I have been wearing my last pair of J.Crew flats for about 4 years now, I think I can justify the cost....

via peppermint bliss
via Design Mom
My boobs aren't the only thing around here in need of a little pick-me-up. Our once-red front door is looking a little chipped and neglected and is in dire need of some sprucing. I've been seeing lots of chartreuse doors out there in the webiverse- and it pleases me.

French Connection Maternity Maxi Dress

 Somebody has to squeeze their ginormous body into something presentable for her sister-in-law's wedding next month. I'm thinking this looks worth squeezing into- no?

via The Superficial

And lastly, and perhaps most grabby-hand inspiring has been the news of my favorite Swede finally ditching Kate Bosworth, who, if you ask me, just walked around looking like she thought she was a heck of a lot more important than someone whose best flicks were Win a date with Tad Hamilton and Blue Crush.

That's it for tonight lovelies.

Tuesday- let's do this thing.

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