Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bright Eye-dea

*Someone* has decided that he will not, under any circumstances, return to his crib after 2AM.  I attempted, in vain, to convince him otherwise until 5:45AM, at which time, I caved and put that little dictator in bed next to me for a whopping hour and 20 minutes of sleep.

Needless to say, I am bordering collapse- fueling myself with Diet Pepsi and leftover Valentines cupcakes to prevent impending breakdown and total parental negligence.  But, despite my exhaustion, I've devised a relatively effective, 6-step formula to combat looking like a zombie, despite feeling like one- and it's all in the eyes.

First up, is the agua. While I am tempted to b-line for the coffee maker first thing in the AM, I make a point to guzzle a large glass of water first. A facialist once told me that dehydration is the number one cause of dark under-eye circles- as opposed to lack of sleep.

Secondly- if there is anything I've learned from my mother, it's that you shouldn't leave the house without lipstick on (sorry mom- I've failed you in this department) and that you don't skimp on eye cream. Tia bought me the icelandic relief eye cream from Skyn and it has been seriously put to the test with my current lifestyle- and so far- it passes with flying colors. It instantly depuffs and soothes. 

Next up is my double whammy brightening technique. Benefit Ooh-la-lift goes under the eyes, and Trish McEvoy's brightening stick goes on the inside corners, brow bone and cheek bones for a natural-looking highlight.

Another key to looking lively? Keep those brows from going cro-magnon with daily maintenance. Grandma Cath just bought me these AMAZING illuminating tweezers that have a little built-in flashlight and make it absolutely impossible to miss a single hair.

And last, but most certainly not least, are the lashes. Whether I'm applying mascara or not, it is ESSENTIAL that I curl my lashes for an INSTANT pick-me-up. My Shiseido lash curler is the ultimate miracle worker- I never leave home without it.
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  1. LOVE this post... in fact, I ordered 2 of the items! i am in the same boat with my #3! charlie was a terrible sleeper, eddie was fantastic! so, i figured that it was just me being more relaxed with baby #2. then lulu came along... i thought that #3 would be a piece of cake sleeper now that i am totally experienced, right?!?!? NOPE! only wants to be in our bed after about midnight, and i am mostly too tired to fight it! oh well, last baby, i might as well try to enjoy it! :)