Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's Tia Doing?

With my return to work looming in the very near future and a 10 week old who has decided he will now be checking in with me every 2 hours at night, I need all the help I can get keeping HMD afloat- so it's time for another potentially regular installment I will be calling "What's Tia Doing?"

Whether it be going to exclusive parties, or meeting sexy Swedes, Miss Tia is always up to something fun- so WTD will share with you some of the highlights of Tia's glamorous, child-free life - so that those of us who consider finding time to read a few blogs with coffee without interruption to be our biggest source of excitement, can now live vicariously through her various exploits.

The month of January marked another year older for Ti McGhee and she spent the day in style at the infamously hip Parker hotel in Palm Springs.

Tia and her awesome BF- Mike. One day I, too, will walk through those orange doors.

"Hi, I'm Tia. I play croquet in miniskirts."

Tia wrapped up the month with a little sales dinner with her boss- who I think you may recognize:

Hob-nobbin as usual. Pic from Martha's blog post here.
Stay Tuned for more of Tia's adventures. What will that crazy broad be up to next?

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  1. Holy Smokes - this is too funny. I can't wait to contribute to HMD!