Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leopard Limbs

Y'all know by know that I have a serious thing for leopard- and although I realize it can be a little Mob wife at times- I just can't help myself. We all have our vices. 

I've been feeling torn, however, about the new leopard print jean trend, but after spotting them on one of my favorite new blogs, Brooklyn Blonde, I was sold on the look:

There are still two problems with this look. The first is the price tag. These Current Elliot beauties have a hefty $198 price tag, and we're spending all our cash on diapers and Gogurts these days. But then.....
I spotted these spotted legs via Kendi Everyday- just $23 from Target! So, just the second problem remains- do I want to draw that sort of attention to my thighs in their current state? Probably not, but for 23 bucks, I'm willing to find out!

1 comment:

  1. Just saw a higher end leopard jeans at Nordstrom Rack for $43... very cute!