Tuesday, March 29, 2011


image via Honey Kennedy
Image via Elle.com
Image via Elle.com

You would think that 9 years of a hideous Catholic school uniform would have made me inherently adverse to pleated skirts, but I just can't help myself- I love them. Especially in their most recent incarnation- longer, flowy-er, and in some cases, chiffon-y-er. Granted, they're not for everyone(myself included if I'm in one of my "Doritos" phases) as the pleats don't always do the ponch any favors, but,  you may want to get our your Spanx ladies, because the pleats have arrived, and I've got some for everyone:

Forever 21 Basic Woven Skirt, $24.80
Tucker Pleated Knee Length Skirt, $440
Topshop Pleated Calf Length Skirt, $80

Zara accordion pleated skirt, $79
Asos Pleated Midi Knit Skirt, $71.72

Lulu's Pleated Skirt, $34.50
And I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to thank this woman for making them look sooooo good: 

See you soon, Betty!

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