Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Glad We're Friends Now.

Dear Talbots,

It's me again- just wanted to say "hi" (you know, since we're kind of friends now) and I'm totally digging your new ad campaign with Julianne Moore, and some of your clothes are looking decent and HOLY S, YOU'VE GOT SOME REALLY CUTE SHOES RIGHT NOW. Let's talk about them:

Au Natural Leather T-Strap Platforms, $159
Yep, going to need these. Please send. Moving on.

Patent Leather Lucite Heel City Sandal, $149
Stacked Lucite Heel? Yes, please. Next. 

Au Natural Leather Ankle Strap Sandals, $199
Super squishee soft-looking leather ankle straps? Bring it. 

And, Finally: 

My black heels are looking little beat. These will do.

So anyways, good catching up with you Talbies (can I call you Talbies?). Let me know if you need my address. Nice to see the whole leopard thing wasn't just a fluke. BTW- Santa (aka Grandma Cath and Dana) totally read my blog, because they bought me something for Xmas and I've been rocking that look-at-me leopard coat like it's my business. Just thought you should know. 

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