Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I pinky-swear promise that now that I am pregnant, this blog will not be all pickles and ice cream, maternity, nursery, baby stuffy. While I can not guarantee that these things will not be mentioned from time-to-time (except for the pickles-I'm more of a popcorn with an entire cube of butter kind of girl when I need my salt fix), I'll do my best to remember what it's like to be not-pregnant and still remotely cool and write posts accordingly.

But first, you will have to allow me the opportunity to vent about one particular thing about pregnancy that drives me absolutely insane, and that, my friends, is maternity- or what I like to call "MaterNasty" clothes. Why is it that most maternity clothes, no matter the source, are ugly, cheap-looking, and (here's the kicker) usually totally over-priced?  Don't get me wrong, there's also some cheap stuff out there, but it looks like it fell off of the Walmart plus-size truck and then rolled around in the dirt for a few weeks before Motherhood Maternity decided to shovel it off the cement like road-kill and add it to their racks.

Shall I provide some examples? Here are some affordable beauties from the "Loved" by Heidi Klum line:

Heidi- what is it about being pregnant that makes it acceptable to wear acid wash sweat pants? (Hint: Nothing) Can you imagine if these bad boys came down the Project Runway? I'm pretty sure Michael Kors would purse his lips and then keel over and fall off his stool because he had finally been rendered speechless.

And then there's this beauty, for the Disney Afficionada, who doesn't want to sacrifice her love of the Mouse for the sake of her developing fetus:

Anyways, you get the picture.

So, for me, the challenge has been buying as little as possible to get me through the next 5 months, and still managing to buy things that make me feel like "me" and not some cotton-lycra, ugly print version of myself. Fortunately for us preggos out there, it's relatively easy these days to find non-maternity alternatives to keep us looking civilized during these challenging days. I was on the hunt to find a few basics for my trip to Las Vegas last weekend (don't go there when you're pregnant, btw) and thought I'd share with you a few Mater-Not-y pieces that you can keep in the closet after you squeeze that little thing out. 

I swooped up this comfy-as-pajamas dress in my favorite raspberry hue at Anthro last Friday, and I must say, I almost felt pretty in it: 

Velvet Whirligig Dress, $138

Here I am pretending that being sober is fun with the hubs during dinner at Dos Caminos. At least I had my queso fundido.

With both of my boys, I was fortunate to be at my my most pregnant and gigantor in the summer months, which allowed  me to forgo any kind of waist-line and just throw on a dress almost every day. I may have to add this little number from MinkPink to my current collection for the coming months:

Minkpink "Malibu Stacy" Dress, $101.56

And then there are the tunics. Tunics are everywhere these days ladies and they equal instant pregnancy joy because, not only are they cute and comfy, but they often obscure the butt and thighs, allowing for maximum carbohydrate consumption during gestation. I almost splurged on this striped version by Splendid because stripes are my particular brand of heroine, to quote my beloved Edward Cullen:
Splendid Stanzas Tunic, $88

With a little adjustment of the waist tie- it was perfect. We'll let that one go on sale, but we'll be watching like a hungry tiger. Zara has a good selection of blousy tunics that would fit the bill, like this breezy white v-neck version, which I'm certain would become a work and play staple of mine: 

Zara V-neck top, $49.90

Now if only I can nab those purple pants with an elastic waist-band....Pants are a whole different story, that perhaps, we will save for my next "maintaining your dignity while pregnant" segment. But, before I go, I will leave you with the overdue, semi-profile, stomach reveal, as previously intended: 

I told you, I like raspberry.

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm expecting our first baby this August and am totally into dresses as well. Funny you were in Vegas, my SIL just had her 30th b-day bash out there this weekend and we didn't go, so thanks for making me feel like I didn't miss out! *Amy