Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ulla for Urban

For those of you with kids, have you ever noticed that when you're pregnant, regular clothes seem cuter than usual and you seem to be able to find a zillion clothing items you would buy, you know, if you didn't feel like such a bloaty, giant-breasted mutant? That seems to be my dilemma right now. Tia has been plaguing me via G-chat all day at work with links to cute things that she wants to buy for her miniature body, and it's had me browsing around at things that I have no business wearing right now.

As a result, however, I stumbled upon an exciting discovery. My girl Ulla Johnson, who makes clothing that upon owning, I'm quite certain would make all of my dreams come true, is serving up some affordable style by way of her line Vasia at Urban Outfitters. It may not be as delectable (did I just write that?) as her signature line of Lusties, but some of these pieces are definite Musties in my book. Have a peek:
Vasia by Ulla Johnson Silky Embroidered Blouse, $39.99
It doesn't get any more essential than this silky white blouse- AND it's on sale.

Vasia by Ulla Johnson Gemma Dress, $79


Vasia by Ulla Johnson Chloe Dress, $89

Mmmm, hmmmm.

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