Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Obsession Continues

The boys took an unexpected trip to spend the night at their grandma's house and the hubs is back to work in the wee hours tomorrow, so I was left here to contemplate washing my floors, which are bordering on unsanitary right now, ooooor, parking my butt in front of the computer to catch up on the latest issue of Lonny.

I don't think I need to tell you what I chose.

And let me tell you my friends, I chose wisely, because this month's issue features my SWF design crush, Angie Hranowsky. Though I can't say it's my favorite work of her's, my girl Angie doesn't disappoint.

I love this room because it's just so do-able, you know? 

Purple Tufted Couch- you are awesome and you deserve better pillows than that. Otherwise, love it.

In other, non-Angie related, but still cool design-related news, the designer behind one of my regular blog reads, Jen Ramos of Made By Girl, has opened a new e-store called Cocoa & Hearts to sell her abstract paintings and they totally capture Jen's super feminine and glamorous sensibility. It would probably be resigned to the garage next to the boar's head Ryan keeps threatening to bring home, because all this pink and lavender would clearly threaten his manhood, but still, I need it: 

Infinite by Jen Ramos, $500

Off to not wash my floors and maybe catch the premier of the RHONJ for the 2nd time, because I'm feeling a little indulgent. xoxo.

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