Monday, October 24, 2011


Orange crocs - the footwear of choice of both Mario Batali and Nasa
Thanks to the Annual D-ville fall festival, we took our Halloween costumes out for a test drive this Saturday, and the boys' Astronaut get-ups were a big hit. I'm not sure where Max's hankering for this particular costume-choice came from, as he's never really expressed much interest in astronauts before, but I was thankful he didn't want to be some ugly Target-bought Transformer or superhero with built-in muscles, mostly because I want him to stay my little nerdster forever.

Hud had his heart set on being a honey-badger (bless his strange little heart), but fortunately for me, once he laid his eyes on the custom helmet complete with gold glittering letters and optional visor that Max was getting (from Etsy seller Luminous Moon), he jumped on that astronaut band-wagon rather quickly. The jet-packs were a relatively quick and easy DIY that I made and were modeled after similar ones being sold from the same Etsy shop. Some soda liters, Solo cups and a little colored duct tape was all it took. Auntie Dana found us the silver suit at a consignment shop, and it was just the right size for Hud, who sported it almost all day, despite 80 degree temps. We had to get a little more creative with Max's suit- he's more of an inside-the-shuttle-rocking-my-leisure-wear kind of astronaut. The shirt is one of those cool-max work-out numbers and the pants are jus little-league pants- a couple of iron-on patches and some red tape later and we were all-set. Here he is looking decidedly more gymnast than astronaut with his giant balloon octopus, but pretty darn cute all the same: 

This was pre-too much candy melt-downs.


  1. you are AMAZING!!!! Those costumes are unreal - love it. You need to sell your talents

  2. Thank you so much for blogging this and mentioning my Etsy shop! Your kids look like they are having a blast! I TOTALLY love the astro-leisure suit. LOL! And your jetpacks are AWESOME!

    Luminous Moon