Monday, October 17, 2011


Despite yet another impromptu and dangerously indulgent mid-day Sunday nap, during which I left my children under the care of a new Nightmare before Christmas DVD, I did manage to tackle some small tasks in preparation for the little man. On Friday night the boys and I were shaking things up (literally) in the Home Depot paint department. Then this (among other things) happened:
A sneak peek of my DIY painted version of the Dwell Studio Draper rug (you can see a hint of the green painters tape in the back there). Lessons were most definitely learned, and will be shared with you all at a later date. 
Cold feet are developing with regards to the navy wall. The color pleases me (starless night by Behr), but even with a matte finish, I feel like the dark color has a glossy feel- which drives me bananas. Anyone out there have any thoughts on the matter? 
Bargain Basement crib assembled. I love it.
Closet org completed (sort of)  
Framed. (eeek!)
And of course, none of it could have been done without the help of my aeronautical assistant:

P.S- anyone out there looking to buy a barely used, white Ikea Malm twin bed? We loved this thing, but our garage is bursting at the seams. Hit me up.


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  1. Looking good Jesse! I can't wait to see the finished product and meet the new little man!