Monday, October 10, 2011

Sexy Sixty & other Saturday Developments.

At least half of this weekend was incredibly productive.

My brother, his wife, my sister and I have been busy little bees planning a surprise birthday party for my mom's 60th this past Saturday, which was almost completely sabotaged by my mother herself, who started planning her own impromptu "party" that same night the week before. In the end it all worked out and there was laughter, tears and a whole lot of white people dancing to hits like My Prerogative, but no one was quite as surprised as you are going to be when you check out how good this old broad looks at sixty:

Why didn't someone remind me that 8 month pregnant ladies with pregnant arms should never be on the end of a photo line-up? (Me, Mom, Tia)

And she can still cut a mean rug.

There were disco balls, ceiling fans, live keyboard music , champagne and clearly, some serious attitudes (that's one of my bff's and another total HM, Becky, burning it up in the background there)

It was good times. 

But, despite not being able to consume mass quantities of booze as I would have liked to, I still woke-up exhausted with what I like to call pregnancy productivity hang-over. 
It didn't help matters that we had a new babysitter coming over and I am totally neurotic about new babysitters seeing my house messy, so I scrambled around cleaning the wreckage left behind after we officially moved Hud into Max's room earlier that day. New bunk beds were assembled, and I left the house feeling certain that it wasn't a brilliant idea to leave the boys for the night with a new babysitter and a new method of potentially fracturing their limbs.

The original plan was to paint this Ikea bad boy a nice navy blue- but things haven't exactly been going according to plan around here. Maybe when I don't have a giant bowling ball strapped to my waist, the room will get a little sprucing up- so stay tuned.

Anyways, after all this Saturday madness, can you really blame me for parking the kids on my bed for two hours of completely age-inappropriate cartoon network viewing while I took the most incredible nap of my life? I'm just going to assume you said "no".


  1. best party ever. I hope I'm that hot when I'm sixty! and I must say, I have some pretty cute nephews (including Scooter!). xo

  2. Wow...what a great celebration.. and yes your mom looks like one foxy 60 year old! Happy B-day Cathy!